Results have been featured by the Press around the World.  A sample of some of the notable successes achieved by Clients of Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly and Marie O’Riordan include:

Athletes representing their Countries Winning Gold Medals at major World Championship events.

Professional household name First Team Footballers Winning a National League Title.

Two Grammy Award® Wins.

Grand Prix Winner.

European Golf Champion.

Guinness World Record Holders.

Profits at a Fortune 500 listed Company increasing tens of billions of dollars.

Stock Market share price of a Fortune 500 Company almost doubling.

Investments secured from America’s premier Venture Capitalists.

Million Dollar Hall of Fame Recipient.

Children and Adults diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome expressing themselves to their fullest potential and achieving academically.

Sales at an International Sports Company increasing by 111%.

Client succeeding in a massive 986X Moonshot Goal.

12 months of Contracts sealed in one week.

Lifetime Achievement Award.

International No.1 Best Selling Authors.

Major American licensed and regulated Financial Industry Award.

European Marketing Award.

Weekly U.S. Radio Show with in excess of 100,000 weekly listeners.

Failing University to achieving Degrees.

Failing School to attaining A’s in final State Exams.

Illiterate to Reading in just 4 hours.

Speaking abilities of Babies and Children diagnosed with Speech Difficulties improved in three weeks.

Maths grades of Children diagnosed with Dyscalculia rapidly improved.

People discovering what they were born to do.



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