Dr. O’Reilly works with students of every educational level and adults spanning the ages from 18 months to 70’s. All of the methods and programmes have been developed and applied to people across all high-level Business, Sporting, Educational and many other environments.

“I have, in the past and currently deal with everything from (and as diverse) ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Audio Processing Disorders, Hearing Impairments, Visual Impairments, Speech Difficulties, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Confidence, Bullying, Self Harm, Anxiety, Depression, Sexual abuse, Addiction, Attempted Suicide, Chronic Illness, Crisis Pregnancies, Sexuality, Gender Identity, Learning Disabilities, Gifted Children, Exam Fears, Mental Illness, Schizophrenia, Child Development, People Development, Team Development, Stress and Bereavement. In fact, I’ve probably seen every story known to Humanity across a whole spectrum of backgrounds, cultures, Countries and ages.”

The methods are constantly developing and evolving.

Purple Development® incorporates newly developed Educational Methods to enhance the Educational Blueprint® with a detailed focus on the importance of Expression and Expression Development. This is where the term Expression Developist® emerged from.

Purple Success Timescale® helps Children and Adults in their Developmental Timescales® giving clear indications of how to achieve major life goals, generational impact, and milestones faster than ever experienced before.

Purple Processing Scales® deal with the Learning Styles of each individual for educational and work success by also tracking reactions to exams, stress, and workloads.

Purple Speech Paths® are Methods to assist with Speech Difficulties with improvements recorded after 3 weeks.

Purple Integration Programmes® are Methods to improve the academic achievements of People living with Dyspraxia & Dyscalculia in record speed.

Purple Empathy Creation® are Methods to develop empathy in Children from Toddler stage on.

Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly’s Research Findings in Personality Theory and Learning Difficulties lead her to work with a vast array of conditions and Spectrum Disorders like Dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Visual and Auditory Processing Disorders, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, Speech Difficulties and the list continues.

Another Method for working with Professional Footballers is called Purple Success Goal System®.

Other Methods include:

The Pressure Cooker Effect®

Diffuse Focus®

Forget Phonics Reading Method®

Purple Pre-School Success®