Article links in the podcasts

Here are a quick set of links that I refer to in the episodes:

Good article on bullet journals

For episode 106 – sleep cycle app

For episode 106 journaling app

For episode 106 – habit tracker momentum

For episode 107 – insight timer meditation app

mentioned in episode 103 – Life changing for me!

In Episode 101 – Jung’s 4 stages of life

Mentioned in episode 101 – The missing link in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs

For episode 101 – what does growth feel like .. what’s are the profound books you have read?

For episode 99 :

For episode 94:

For episode 93

For episode 91

For episode 93

For episode 91

For episode 90

For episode 86 on nature versus nurture – the important age timeline for educational development.


For episode 67: What does it feel like when your life is out of balance?

For episode 61

For episode 56

For episode 57: Negative empathy


What is the point of education? Episode 50 : these are some of the many people who didn’t have a formal education..


Are children getting enough sleep?


Link for episode 54 on Parenting


Article for episode 46 bullet journals:


For episode 43:


foutian pens: